Air control 1 схема

air control 1 схема
System master controls interface with all brands and types of air compressors, and can coordinate the operation of satellite compressor rooms spread around the facility, or in different buildings across an industrial campus. Набрать код 21 + кнопка 0. Старый патрон отсортировать как спец мусор. 6.6 Замена маслосепаратора (08) За 100 часов до замены на дисплее появляется символ «ключ» и цифра 13 при мигающем красном индикаторе. Those systems are capable of avoiding part load compressors but can still present the problem of approaching production’s minimum pressure requirement as more and more compressors are added and the range of compressor load and unload set points increases. Только при возникновении высокого уровня (24 VDC) внешнее управление может переключать с нагрузки на холостой ход.(см. код 18, шкала 1 в разделе При возникновении низкого уровня режим ИОН ыключается и используется стационарное реле давления. Controls and System Performance Few air systems operate at full-load all of the time. Compressors equipped with variable speed drive controls continuously adjust the drive motor speed to match variable demand requirements. In a positive displacement rotary compressor the displacement is directly proportional to the rotational speed of the input shaft of the air end.

However, the amount of capacity reduction is limited by the potential for surge and minimum throttling capacity. This type of control should not be used in an application that has frequent cycling because repeated starts will cause the motor to overheat and other compressor components to require more frequent maintenance. With such a control scheme, output pressure can be closely controlled without requiring the compressor to start/stop or load/unload.

Резьбу клапана (12) обмотать уплотняющим материалом и закрутить. This control scheme is applied to centrifugal and lubricant-injected rotary screw compressors. Compressor discharge pressure can be held to within +/- 1 psi over a wide range of capacity, allowing additional system energy savings. System master controls coordinate all of the functions necessary to optimize compressed air as a utility. Some lubricant-injected rotary screw compressors can vary their compression volumes (ratio) using sliding or turn valves.

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